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Trade Like A Pro

by | Jul 16, 2022

Trade Like a Pro

I have been accepted into a professional trading community so that I could learn to trade like a pro.  Consequently I learned I didn’t know anything about trading. 

  • I thought learning from ex-cons and felons on Facebook was the new normal. 
  • However come to find out those people weren’t to be trusted. 
  • Just because they were being celebrated by marketing gurus doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.
  • Come to find out the felons didn’t know much about teaching how to trade like a pro because they aren’t pros. 

Beware of the conventional wisdom that is history…

Since hearing the testimonials from others saying how they’ve made so much money learning how to trade like a pro I thought if it’s so easy I can do it too.  I fell for the spell, drank the kool-aid and ended up sick to my stomach.  Here’s the journey to how I cured myself of hype and learned to trade like a pro.

“R” is the first thing a pro teaches

3 things that have helped me on this journey learning how to trade like a pro.

  • To trade like a pro means you must know how to think like a pro. 
  • I majored in Finance and worked in NYC on the trading floors of some of the biggest brokers, but I never actually learned “how” to trade like a pro. 
  • Meeting Ken Long of Tortoise Capital made me realize that even the traders on the floor weren’t pros. 

Just because I majored in Finance, worked on Wall Street and was a Series 7 Licensed Broker I still didn’t know how to trade like a pro. In this program I learned about life as a professional trader and a trading philosophy based on proven practices and rule sets that when followed prove profitable. 

Surprisingly, it’s also based on this little known letter:  “R”, and this letter made all the difference in my trading.  Formerly my days were spent comparing myself to others on social media.  Now, comparatively my days are now spent in plan, prepare and execute mode.

Trading like a pro is a way of life. 

Because my day starts and ends with a journal entry I’ve been learning about plan prepare execute and assess, also referred to as PPEA.  And it ends with AAR which is an after action review journal entry. Subsequently, Ken teaches trading as a multi-faceted arena where the core requirements are learning to tame your monkey mind and then move into the zen state where your heart, mind and body are NOT connected to the outcome.

Trade Like a Pro:  Plan A

Trading is my Plan A.  I was given an opportunity to put myself fully into this program, consequently putting everything else on hold to pursue my Plan A.  Presently I attend nightly podcasts lasting for at least an hour and I study the market updates. 

I am learning to trade like a pro alongside the professional trading community who don’t post their bank account numbers on social media. Markedly, these people are far more advanced than I which made me level up play with a different mindset and watch my self-talk. 

Trade Like a Pro: One Day Bootcamp

Occasionally all of us are given an opportunity to do something that we think is too hard or too much work.  Bootcamp was one of those gifts disguised as a mental bootcamp. Now that I have gone through it, I’m happy I stuck with it long enough to achieve success because I learned how to trade like a pro.

The trading community respects every trader and we don’t have to post on social media and tag each other to make our respect known by all.  Basically, we work as a community to produce results based on what our individual priority in the course and as a community member.   My #1 Priority is set to learn a proven trading system and teach it, so I create the Be Socially Smashing Trading Bootcamp to help women learn how to trade like a pro.

Trade Like a Pro:  One Day Bootcamp

I’ve received positive feedback about my reinvention to learn to become a professional trader at the age of 55.  Consequently, I have been asked if there was a beginner course to learn the basics.  Well there wasn’t, but this gave me the impetus to put the ONE-Day Socially Smashing Bootcamp  together.

This ONE-Day bootcamp shows you the basics that professional day and swing traders.  In it you’ll discover how to manage your money, master your mindset and create wealth.

Join the LIVE One Day Trade Like a Pro Bootcamp


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