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Telling your truth with courage

by | Jul 16, 2022

Telling your truth with courage

Do They Trust You…?

There’s a contract between you, the storyteller and your audience it’s called telling your truth with courage.  It includes a promise to respect their time they are spending listening to you.

  • Do they trust you to meet their expectations, once aroused by your true story?
  • Will they be fulfilled and their time respected because you fulfilled your promise to them?

The audience gives, you, the storyteller their time, with the understanding that you will spend it wisely. Remember, these people are looking for an ROI in everything they do and for most of them their time is the scarcest resource.

There are too many storytellers who don’t respect that and pay dearly because they didn’t follow the rule of telling your truth with courage. Fulfilling this promise you made with telling your story is the third lesson I learned which is: spend their time wisely.

Are they listening to you?

I’ve been in more rooms with people who tell the same boring story…I tune out and go somewhere else.

A great story teller tells their story in relation to their audience.

Your story has a different sound and that’s another key point that’s unique about this audience and this storytelling experience that you can respond to, even if it’s the same story.

A great story teller tells their story using these 4 true story telling principles while finding an exceptional way to sound different each and every time.

Whether they’re telling their true story to 2,000 customers at a convention or 5,200 salespeople at a marketing meeting, on a Zoom call,  or with friends over drinks; tailor your story to the audience.  Context of the telling your true story is always a part of the story and should be practiced.

Make the story spontaneous, a natural response to the audience and the setting by gathering information in advance and allow the audience and organization be the essence of the “premiere” of this particular story.

3 Ways to OverDeliver Your True Story

To meet the expectations of your audience your story must be exceptional for your them to listen to you.

  • Overdelivering the content takes time to understand your listeners.
  • What do they know about, care about, and want to hear?

When you figure this out, design the essential elements of the story so that they elegantly resonate with those needs, starting where the listeners are and bringing them along on a satisfying emotional journey.

1 Convince and Convert

Convince those who aren’t already converts.  As a true story teller uses the 4 true story telling principles to get in touch with your listeners.  You’re not patronizing them, but receptive to them—in order to know how to lead them to where you want them to go.  Get the unconverted to convert and you’ll get a realistic sense of how your real audience might respond.

2 Watch their emotions

Tell your story in response to their emotional needs and meet them with integrity.  Not everything is a listcicle, so it’s not just about facts—you’ve got to get the emotional arc right as well. As a true storyteller you’re in the expectations-management business and must take responsibility for leading listeners effectively through your story experience, incorporating both surprise and fulfillment.

3 Get them involved

It’s no longer your story, it’s theirs too so telling your truth with courage is going to get them involved.  You’ll want to tell your true story in an interactive fashion.  You want them to participate so they feel they helped you shape the story and participated in the experience.  This means you have to surrender ownership of the story. As a true story teller you must recognize that the story is bigger than you are and now you enlist your audience’s help.

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Nicole is the founder of Be Socially Smashing.  At 55, she decided to turn her life completely around by changing her business model to focus on the Silent Generation of women over 40 who are under represented and overlooked who want to be around truth and true stories, Nicole decided to align herself with a trainer at The True Storytelling Organization and the rest is on these pages here for your beautiful eyes to read.  Enjoy!

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