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How I Learned to Trade Like the Pros

by | Jul 6, 2022

How I Learned to Trade Like the Pros

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Written by Nicole Jolie

July 6, 2022

I was accepted into a professional trading community only to learn I didn’t know anything about trading.  I thought learning from ex-cons and fellons on Facebook was the new normal.  Come to find out I allowed myself to be duped.  This is a short synopsis from my dictated notes in my Evernote journal.


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Beware of the conventional wisdom that is history…

After hearing the testimonials from others saying how they’ve made so much money I thought, and it’s so easy anyone can do this.  I fell for the spell, drank the kool-aid and ended up sick to my stomach.  Here’s the journey to how I cured myself of hype and learned to trade like a pro.

In this trading session, one of my mentors is showing me how to use proven practical strategies.

What’s the “R”?

 Becoming a professional trader is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I majored in Finance and worked in NYC on the trading floors of some of the biggest brokers, but I never actually learned “how” to trade.  When I met Ken Long of Tortoise Capital my entire life turned upside down.  I was indoctrinated into a way of life and philosophy is based on proven practices, rules that must be followed and this little known letter:  “R”.  My days are now spent in plan, prepare and execute mode with specific journals and 

For Ken and his traders, trading is a way of life.  It’s a consummate professional’s day and it starts with PPEA and ends with AAR; acronyms for plan, prepare, execute, assess and daily after action review. Ken teaches trading as a multi-faceted arena where the core requirements are learning to tame your monkey mind and then move into the zen state where your heart, mind and body are NOT connected to the outcome.

The “R” for Risk being the most important component of every call and turns out, of my life. 


I knew trading was for me when I was given an opportunity to be a part of this program. I put everything else on the shelf to purse the Plan A  and started attending nightly podcasts, studying the updates in the professional trading community and learning along side people who are far more advanced than I which made me level up play with a different mindset and watch my self-talk. 

And make sure I factor in the “R” in everything I do.

Long gone are the days of cold emailing and reaching out to potential clients only be rejected when they find out the truth about their $1k investment in me isn’t guaranteed an ROI; I’m not a slot machine or a magician.

I am greeted with a trading community who respects every trader.  We work as a community to produce results based on what our individual #1 Priority in the course has been set at by Ken.  My #1 Priority is set to learn a proven trading system and teach it, so I created The Smart Woman’s Bootcamp to help women learn how to trade like a pro.

Why a Bootcamp?

I’ve received positive feedback about my reinvention to learn to become a professional trader at the age of 55 and have been asked if there was a beginner course to learn the basics, which gave me reason to put this ONE-Day Smart Woman’s Guide to Trading like a Pro Bootcamp together.

This ONE-Day bootcamp shows you the basics that professional day and swing traders practice in Ken’s program.  Discovering how to enlist their heart, mind and body in their trading method as they practice truth in their story and learn to trust the process so they create bigger wins and smaller losses. 

The ONE-Day Bootcamp will share the very basic systematized approach I’ve learned to trade the markets.  You’ll receive the exact rules and methods of how to keep track of your trades and how to enter and exit trades with less friction. 

Registration for the ONE-Day Bootcamp where you’ll learn to trade like a the pros is limited.  Yes, it’s free.  There are limited seats available on the zoom account so get in now so you don’t miss out on any updates or special LIVE trading. 

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