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4 True Story Telling Principles

by | Jul 16, 2022

4 True Story Telling Principles

In this post I share 4 true story telling principles that build your credibility with your audience.

“The truth will set you free,” said the good man, but he neglected to tell us how to find it. I’m not sure that a typical person today can give us a satisfying account of how we discover objective truth, how we know when we have it, and what makes one story about the world more true than another. But here are four truths I’ve learned while studying truth in storytelling with the doctorates who created The True Storytelling Institute, and I offer them to you in the spirit of inquiry:

When you want to motivate and inspire others, you need a true story teller to turn dreams into goals and then into results…

Telling the truth is one of the most powerful ways to get people to share information. But truth for the sake of truth is just entertainment. True storytelling is about turning dreams into goals and then into actions, results and ultimately, lasting change.

4 True Story Telling Principles: Does the true story grab their attention?

So, here’s the thin. I’m not going to try and sell you on true story telling or 4 true story telling principles. You already know that it’s what interests your audience and basically you know that true stories are all the rage on social media.  Comparatively, selling you would be no fun—and it might even spoil your story because you already know this works. What I will do is ask for your attention for four minutes or so of your valuable time, because in these 4 true story telling principles you will discover what it is about the story form that has been so successful through the millennia; why it seems to fire our imaginations, engage our emotions, and grip our attention as nothing else can; and how any church leader, in any denomination, can make most effective use of it today…

4 True Story Telling Principles: Will They Follow You?

The use of a true story to explain or inform another is an art that I become interested in studying so I could tell my story with truth knowing I wasn’t embellishing just to prove my point. I remember the first time I heard someone use a “true story” to illustrate their point, it struck me like lightning.  Brene Brown told her story of being vulnerable after she had given her Ted Talk and how people could be downright nasty.   It wasn’t because the story was amazing;  we’ve all experienced the nasty from others. What made it so powerful was the conviction with which she narrated it to her audience.  She was an unknown professor at the time and by being truthful she allowed an entire nation to become vulnerable with her which is the first truth lesson:  Be Authentic.

4 True Story Telling Principles: Do They Believe You?

There are countless paths a story can take. Each step has variables that allow the audience to envision their own version of the truth which makes your story believable to them. A great story gives each member of an audience the opportunity to tap into their own experience without making a single judgement call or imposing any beliefs or values on them.  When you sart telling your true story their mind may be your target, but in truth, it’s their heart that is the bull’s-eye.  Second lesson:  Speak from your heart so you can touch theirs.

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About Nicole Jolie

Nicole is the founder of Be Socially Smashing.  At 55, she decided to turn her life completely around by changing her business model to focus on the Silent Generation of women over 40 who are under represented and overlooked who want to be around truth and true stories, Nicole decided to align herself with a trainer at The True Storytelling Organization and the rest is on these pages here for your beautiful eyes to read.  Enjoy!

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