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This is Your free portal for proven ways to help you create wealth and master your mindset while learning to trade with the professionals in a welcoming Community of smart women like you.

Through these practical guides and rulesets you’ll discover how you can manage your money so you lose less and make more on your way to becoming a professional trader.  The Smart Woman Community gives you access to proven trading  practices that have adapted to market conditions for over 40+ years and 100,000 hours of backtesting – this means that what is taught works and it’s worked for 1,000’s of traders in all markets.

We make suggestions, you make decisions, based on proven practices, not hype or unconscious market forecasting.   You have the opportunity to become involved in interactive live trading programs and coaching sessions with patient professional traders who are here to help you not forecast what will happen based on disjointed diatribe.

Join the community where the Smart Women hang out.

Are You…

Looking at the future knowing full well that having a money manager isn’t the answer, but instead knowing how to manage your money and your mindset is your answer, then The Smart Woman Community is for you.  Knowing in your heart that it’s not just about making money, it’s about your joyful journey learning the practical proven rulesets that help create wealth that are the keys to unlocking your happy money. 

We are a community of professional traders, both women and men teaching each other how to trade so we lose less and make more by managing our mindsets while discovering the power of syncing heart and mind to unlocking our happy money. 

Maybe you’re a bit nervous because you’re new to trading and your previous investments weren’t as successful as you’d wanted. Here at Smart Woman we give you access to proven professional trading practices that help you avoid costly mistakes so that you preserve your capital and your mental health in a supportive and safe respectful community of 

You’re in the right place to discover how Smart Women just like you are learning how to trade like the pros.


There’s never been a better time (watch the video below)


Learning to trade transformed my life.  In these pages I share how a newbie trader – that’d be me – reinvented my life and tackled the fears of my consistent lack of finances.  My honest and vulnerable stories about the inability to make money are here to give you a benchmark so you know that you are not alone.  This journey shares how perfectly capable of creating wealth I am using these very simple rulesets taught by the professional traders who are a part of the Smart Woman Community.

I’ve put together a free resource with access to courses for you to learn in real time, with real people, in a real live setting.  This is not pre-recorded, it’s LIVE and it’s in person.  You have 40+ years of professional trading practices and over 100,000 hours of backtesting of the principles and rules being taught so you know they work, and they’ll work for you, when you implement like the professionals teach.

This free blog portal will help you with the most crucial aspects of your trading that make a positive lasting impact so that you minimize risk and maximize gains when you’re trading with professionals.  Here are some highlights from the blogs I’ve written.

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Inspiring True Stories


In this post I share how I learned how to trade like the pros reinventing my life at the age of 55.  Fraught with a lifetime of shame, guilt and depression over my finances, I’m being vulnerable and honest in this journey.  It’s scary to share, yet I believe it may help one person in their journey to know they’re not alone…


Choosing an entirely different lifestyle is the scariest thing I've ever done...here's why


Being ashamed and scared and having the guts to face the fear


Feeling less than and unworthy and how I'm working through these emotions


Why this truth in storytelling course is so valuable and what I've learned


This is the true story, click here to read more.


The 5 lessons I’ve learned trading forex and why I decided to stay away from trading crypto.  Being a newbie trader and learning from professionals showed me how to adapt to market conditions without having to risk more than I could afford to lose.


5 ways trading has change my life and why crypto isn't in my immediate future


The heart mind connection the professional traders teach and why this is more important than anything else


The proven ruleset I've been using that is so simple I succeeded more times than I've failed


Real world results with my charts, my timing and how I made more than I've lost


Click here to access the exact ruleset and strategies that have helped me lose less and make more


20+ year commodities traders are saying, “I’ve never learned to trade like this…” This is a brand new method of trading that even the best in the acknowledge “…this is definitely a game changer.”.  Every night the room is filled with financial titans and you’re invited.


The trading ruleset that is designed for newbie traders


Less is more and how to use this philosophy not just in your trades but in your life.


The trading principles that are easy to understand and visually stimulating to follow


How visual learning helped me to understand trading a lot faster


Click here to access all of this and more


The Smart Woman’s trading community supports the development of teams and groups to achieve the common goal of your continued success.  The community empowers its members to build from the inside fostering the growth of trusted networks of teams so that it leads to clarity in wealth creation.


We believe the truth of the story without judgement which is why we're so successful.


We believe in building a safe space to trade that fosters joy and happiness that values all members.


We believe in showing all aspects of the trade with accuracy and authenticity.


We believe in creating the most robust plan for achieving our goals.


You have access to experience and confidently create wealth while learning how to trade with the pros

Join Smart Women like You

Live Bootcamp 600x400

Proven practical strategies help you learn to trade the markets on demand

This all sounds great but what if….
I have never traded before and don't know how to read a chart?

You don’t need to be a chart reader or stock follower to understand the markets.  This portal will help you achieve your basic goals of learning more about trading, why it’s been a big game changer for me and if or when there are free webinars, you’ll be invited as a VIP guest.

I don't have a brokerage account

You won’t need a brokerage account to download The Smart Woman’s Guide.  You may be inspired to open one when and if that time comes along, but I wouldn’t worry about that right now.  Just sign up for The Smart Woman’s Guide and see how you like it. 

I don't have time to read your blog posts

Have your assistant read them for you and brief you on the finer points. 

I'm a NEWBIE and know nothing about trading or the markets

We’ve all started somewhere so just embrace where you’re at and know you have time to learn.  Honestly, I’m really happy I didn’t remember too much of my past trading career so that I could come into this without any hang ups or identities that would have hindered my success.


You don’t need to invest in anything you don’t want to invest in, remember, we make suggestions, you make decisions.  You can take your time on your journey.  You can learn to trade on paper and enjoy the community benefits of what everyone else is doing so you learn from the mistakes everyone else is making.  

Do you have a community for intermediate and advance traders?

 Yes, there are professional trading communities for the intermediate and advanced traders and there is more information inside the blog about these types of communities.  They are highly developed and taught by our highly sought-after professional trader with over 40+ years of experience.  You’ll learn more when you sign up to be a part of the Smart Woman Community.

I am a visual learner and math, charts and all that kind of scare me

I hear you and can empathize.  You’re in good hands.  One of the most patient and proficient traders in our community was a hospice nurse for over 20+ years while learning how to trade.  Not only do they know how to handle a critical situation, they are able explain visual trading so you understand and feel comfortable.

What is the ONE-day bootcamp about, how long does it last, give me the details

The ONE-day bootcamp teaches you proven practicals strategies to learn how to trade like a professional.  The course will be held for one day approximately 2.5 hours.  Here’s how it works:  Once you sign up with your name and email you receive a confirmation email.  In the following weeks you’ll receive more emails sharing what to expect and how to prepare for the one day learn to trade like a pro bootcamp. You’ll also receive reminders and tips to learn to trade like a professional.  There is no fee to join the ONE-Day Bootcamp. I do not guarantee you will get in, so it’s best to get on the email list now.


You can expect to receive LIVE training and coaching from the professionals. You can expect to be stretched in your ability and understanding of trading.  You can expect that everyone in the room is professional and show up to meet that expectation of you.  This is not a marketing and advertising conference, what is shared is a one time training only and will probably not be offered like this again. You can expect to have the opportunity to join a professional community for a monthly fee to learn more about trading like a professional. Whether you decide to take action is up to you. 

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